Types Of Moving Image

Now we had a clearer understanding of where we were going with our project and the kind of idea we were going with, we needed to decide which type of moving image would best suit our 6 posters. We looked at some examples of each type of moving film to see which would work best with the sci/fi horror look we were going for. The different types of moving image we considered were parallax, cinemagraph/gif, time lapse, lenticular, stop motion, multiple exposure and morphing.


What is a parallax?- A parallax is where you take still images and make them move. The images are put together and then edited within photoshop to give the effect that its a moving video. This effect looks really dramatic and gives the pictures a lot of life, making them look like they were filmed. 


Cinemagraph/ GIF

What are cinemagraphs?- A cinemagraph/GIF is a still image in which a very small repetitive movement occurs, forming a small video clip. They are published in GIF video formats and give the illusion that the viewer is watching an animation. The videos are usually on repeat, to show the stillness of majority of the image compared to the small part that is moving. 


Time Lapse

What is a time lapse?- A time-lapse is a technique where the frequency/speed at which film frames are captured is much lower. When played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster. Time lapse looks really interesting with nature themed videos, having moving clouds and leaves, it gives an interesting effect. 



What is a lenticular image?- Lenticular printing is a technology in which lenticularlenses are used to produce printed images with an illusion of depth, or the ability to change or move as the imageis viewed from different angles. If you hold or move the image at different speeds and angles, you get the effect that the still image is moving, or popping out of the page. 


Image result for lenticular image gif

Image result for lenticular image gif

Stop Motion

What is stop motion?- A cinematographic technique is where the camera is repeatedly stopped and started, for example to give animated figures the impression of movement. It gives the sense that lifeless objects are moving/ have some life in the videos. 


Multiple Exposure

What is multiple exposure?- Double Exposure, or Multiple Exposure, is a photographic technique that combines 2 different images into a single image. Giving the effect that there are tow images overlapping. The most common type of double exposure is a human figure being overlapped with a nature image. Giving a really cool effect of the trees and plants being on the humans face. 



What is morphing?- Morphing is where an image changes smoothly from one to another by small gradual steps using computer animation techniques. It gives the effect of changing shapes, or step by step processes such as ageing or disguise.


Character Styling- Hatch/ Child

Our main inspiration behind the character, Hatch, has come from Millie Bobby Brown playing her character Eleven in Stranger Things. Mainly because it has a slightly similar story line to our TV show synopsis. In the show Stranger Things, Eleven comes to planet earth from ‘the upside down’ which is a darker, more evil and dangerous version of the world and she comes to planet earth with special powers. With her special powers, she can stop the demogorgans from taking over planet earth and shut off the ‘upside down’ port hole. In our TV show, Hatch is found in an egg form on an island and is brought to the NYCSL lab for testing. She is then used  for information and her powers as a human/alien child to communicate with the rest of the aliens invading planet earth.

Eleven has a very androgynous look about her, she has a pretty feminine face, yet she has a shaved head, making her look more boyish. She has a young face and looks like an innocent child. I think this is a good look to go for when it comes to getting our model to represent Hatch.

For the styling of Hatch, I am going to either put her in some form of gown so that it looks like she is being tested on in the lab, which sticks to our storyline, or I was going to have her in a plain coloured vest top to show more skin and that she can change into a human.


Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 12.03.19 pm

Character Styling- Scientists

For the styling for our two scientist characters, Lucy and Thomas I am going to keep it quite plain and simple. As they both work in a science lab I am going to get them to wear quite plain clothes underneath a lab coat.

Where we have made the character profile for Lucy to be quite a pretty, smart and plain looking woman, I am going to style her in either a smart pencil skirt or some skinny fit work trousers, a plain shirt and some small high heels or pump style shoes. Over the top, she will wear a lab coat, to show that she is working in a lab. Her hair and makeup will be plain and simple and she will have her hair tied back in a ponytail with little to no makeup on.

For our male character, Thomas we have made him out to be more of a geeky scientist that is slightly more scruffy looking than Lucy. I am going to style ‘Thomas” in either a casual long sleeved top or a jumper, with some slightly looser looking jeans, a lab coat over the top of his outfit with a pair of converse or trainers. He will wear a pair of glasses and have scruffy hair and possibly some facial hair too.


Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 11.53.52 am

Research- Questionnaire

To further our research as a group, we thought it would be a good idea to survey the public to get their opinions on makeup brands, skin tones and pricing. This is a good way to get more primary research and to find out what our target audience think of the makeup industry today.

Below are the questions we will be handing out and asking people to support our makeup brand Mystique.

Questionnaire- Makeup

1.How old are you?

2.What is your gender?

3.How often do you wear makeup?

Every day of the week

A few days a week

When I feel like it


 4.What price range would you want to spend on a few items of makeup? (foundation, concealer, eyebrow pencil, mascara and face powder)






 5.Do you feel that current makeup brands focus more on makeup for white people rather than black people?




 6.Do you or have you ever had trouble buying makeup to suit your skin tone?




 7.If you were highly interested in buying a new makeup product that you saw being advertised on social media and the internet, how likely would it be that you watched the advertisement for it?


8.What would you think about a new makeup brand releasing products just to suit darker skin tones?


9.Do you think already existing makeup brands, should consider focusing on black skin tones more?








Character Profiles

Character Profiles-

Name: Hatch
Young teenager. Female. White.

Her hometown is the Andromeda Galaxy but is born and lives on Earth and has never met her alien parents. Has androgynous features, very short hair and pale skin. Dresses in a very tomboy style. Is shy but also very powerful and can change forms between and alien and a human.

Name: Lucy
Young adult. Female. White.

Her hometown is New York, which is also where she works as a scientist at NYCSL. Has very pretty features and dosen’t look like your ordinary scientist. Long brunette hair, skinny and is very well groomed.

Name: Thomas
Young adult. Male. White.

His hometown is New York, which is also where he works as a scientist at NYCSL. Has quite a scruffy looks, skinny and gives off the nerdy vibe. Wheres glasses and is very clever.