Finishing Off The Final Things

All we had left to do now were a few final things before presenting on Monday 23rd to Julian and Bill. These included creating our presentation and work out who was saying what. Finishing off our mock up website, social media and just creating any last designs or graphics that we needed.

Dom and I created the presentation and worked together on who was saying what and the order it all went in. We both chipped in to add images and notes to the slides and presentation notes. Riccardo was finishing off making the website home page and infographics to show when we pitch our new charity and we were all as a group making sure we had uploaded everything we have done to our group Google Drive.

Social Media posts I have done-

Bus Advertising

As bus advertising is seen more than social media advertising, we came up with the idea of creating bus banners to get people to donate. Bus banners are also a way of having your brand/charity in peoples faces constantly when travelling around the city. They also collaborated to create a number of billboards  which is also a way to have the brand in peoples faces throughout busy locations.

Robbie and Rhys have been the photo editors throughout this project so they have been working together to edit some pictures for the social media pages, website pages and bus banners. They have been meeting up and discussing how to edit the images to see the brand continuity throughout the rebranding.

I think that what they have created is really good in terms of keeping the brand consistent and getting the message out there of how people can help out.



GuideDogsUK Event- Maidstone, Kent

Today Liam, Christian, Naphesa and I travelled to Maidstone in Kent for an informal GuideDogsUK event. Going to this event gave us a huge opportunity to gather images, research and carry out interviews for some research before hand in. Throughout the last 3 weeks of being set this project we all tried our hardest to get in contact with every event going on, and every centre that we could try and get to but we got turned down by every one we had tried. Until the Maidstone Mobility team got in contact with Christian via email and said we could attend the event and take as many images as we liked.

The event was a great day. It was very eye opening into what people with a visual impairment go through, what the guide dogs go through in terms of training and working and also what the volunteers and charity worker to to give the people and the dogs the best opportunities for their life.

As I had already taken some images early on in the project, I let Liam, Christian and Naphesa take the opportunity to photograph and film at the event, and I went around gathering research through interviewing people. I found it very interesting asking them questions and hearing their stories through the answers they gave me. I interviewed one lady called Jacqui who was a puppy walker, a husband and wife called Micheal and Jill who were puppy walkers also and then I interviewed a man called Paul Smith who suffers from Retinitis Pigmatosis.

These are the interviews I carried out-

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 19.57.17

From doing these interviews, I found out a lot more information about what being a puppy walker involves, why people do it and how long the process takes. I found the interview with Paul the most interesting as he gave me a lot of information about what its like suffering with a visual impairment, how his guide dog helps him in his daily routine and how public transport could adapt to help him out more with getting around.

These are some images I got of a few of the puppies and dogs in training at the event.


Surveying Results

Our survey was filled out 127 times in a few days which we were very pleased with as this gave us a lot of research to work with the rebranding.

These are the results we got-


Our survey results show that majority of people would rather donate by giving change, rather than making it contactless which differs to the changes we were going to make to our rebranded version of the charity. Most people also want to understand better what their money is going towards. This is some information we will add onto the website and the social media pages so people are aware and constantly reminded what their money is going towards.

Badge Designs

To go with our supermarket approach to raise money for the charity, Emily designed some badges to match my bag designs and Christian’s t-shirt design. The badges would be available at the checkouts in a supermarket with a pot next to it to collect the money made from the badges being purchased.

Surveying The Public

Emily made a survey on Google Forms and our group shared it on Facebook. We have had over 90 responses within 12 hours, giving us a lot of information very quickly, which we are very pleased about. The survey results will be used being for website information, infographics on the website and our posters and to get a better understanding of peoples views on charities. The changes we are thinking of making during the rebranding need to relate to the public so we need to see their views so we know how to adapt. So far we have found the main question is “Where is our money going?”.. so on the website we are going to make sure that we show all our statistics. We are also going to include the results graphs in our presentation when pitching our idea to show our audience that we understand the public views and how we’ve adapted the charity to peoples needs.

These are the questions we included in our survey…

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 14.46.15

Sharing the survey on Facebook got a lot of people responding to it quickly, meaning we had a lot of results to work with straight away…

My Charity Bag Designs

Within a group discussion last week, I mentioned how charities also use supermarkets to collect donations and raise awareness. In my local supermarkets (Asda and Tesco), they constantly have cancer charity themed shopping bags, badges and money pots around the stores, and they also have the staff wearing themed t-shirts to help raise awareness.

With this in mind, we as a group, came up with the idea of designing GuideDogsUK “Bags For Life” that people purchase when they buy their shopping. They will cost between 50p-£1 and the money from people buying the bags will go to the charity. We also discussed designing badges that people can buy at the tills, by putting change into a pot. T-shirts were another idea that was discussed with workers in the supermarkets wearing them to promote further. Christian said he will design and purchase some t-shirts for our group presentation so we can wear them when we pitch our rebranded charity.

My ‘Bag For Life’ designs-

T-shirt Design-

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 14.23.53