Since starting Creative Collaboration I have always been pleased with my group, I feel that I was put with a good group of people who all work hard, have a very good mindset and we all get along really well.

The first part of the project was where we had to rebrand a current brand we got given, and my group was given Guide Dogs UK. We were all pretty happy with this as we all had a common interest of animals, charity work and photography. We were all happy with the roles we were given and we all got to work straight away with researching and contacting. As a group we managed to create good content for the rebranded website and social media and we all met the deadlines we set ourselves. As a group, we went to a huge amount of effort to attend a Guide Dogs UK event in Maidstone, Kent, and this was my favourite part of the project. It was fun meeting and talking to the charity workers, the puppy walkers and most of all the puppies. Some people did end up lacking in their roles towards the end of the rebranding project, which meant that some people ended up then taking on the stuff that was missing. However, we still managed to get a good load of work together and hand it in on time to present it.

The second half of the project was to create a photo library with a niche theme. At the start, our group struggled to come up with a niche theme that we all agreed on, and after a lot of discussions, we settled on creating FROODLE, the fruit/food art themed photo library. We all came together and worked really hard to generate as many images as we could for the website, and we were all supporting each other with our individual and group photoshoots. When it came to the business and pricing side of the photo library, there were a few of us that didn’t quite understand it, but some other group members did so they took this under their wing to generate the business contracts etc. Towards the end of the project, similar to the rebranding, some people lacked in their roles, which meant that a few of us had to pick up the pieces again. However, with this said, we still managed to create all the content in time for the deadline. I am pleased with how our photo library has turned out and how the images look.

Overall, I am very pleased with my group members I was put with, the content we have all generated and also what I have achieved individually. I feel that I have created a good range of images and also learnt a lot about charity work and photo libraries.

Adding To The Social Media

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 14.19.49

As the social media side of the project was lacking, I took over and put up some posts. I only did a few posts, I managed to make sure that I included at least one image from each photographer in the group. Along with the bright and coloured images, I included some fun and light hearted captions to go with them, which fit our concept. I like how the page looks, its very bright and colourful and shows what FROODLE is all about. It includes a range of images, and the captions also include some humour about the services we offer.


The Website

As the deadline gets closer, the website is now finalised. As a team, we have done well with getting all of the content together in time for Dom and Ric to put together, and create a working website for our photo library.

There are going to be a few minor changes made before hand in but for now, this is how it looks…

Presentation Notes

To make sure that the speakers were prepared for the presentation and to know who is saying what, Dom has come up with some rough presentation notes so we know which points we are all individually covering. We are all going to individually edit our own notes so they make more sense to us, but this is a good starting point for us to go from thanks to Dom. Speaking first is going to be me, following second is Dom and finishing off third is Tsara.

Starting The Presentation

As we are starting to finalise the last few things before hand in on the 29th, we made a start on our presentation, which myself, Dom and Tsara will be presenting. Dom made a start on it by making the slides and roughly putting up some notes of what is going to be on each slide. As I am also presenting, I have been helping Dom to edit this and change the style of it to make it more aesthetically pleasing and I also made sure it had everything in there that needs to be shown on Wednesday.

I changed the fonts to look more ‘arty’ to go with our whole photo library concept and to make the presentation look a bit more ‘fun’. The only things we need to add are some screenshots of the final website and some from the Instagram page. These will be added before the day of the presentation.

Surveying The Public- 2/2

After posting the survey numerous times and collecting responses over a few days, the results had come to a stand still so I took it down and tallied up the results by looking at what the graphs show. When the results were finalised, I made some conclusions from what the answers gave us.

From the results I found out peoples favourite colours, fruits, vegetables and shops to purchase products from. When we change our seasonal images we have a good idea of what colours and fruits we can include in the upcoming seasons to make it different from the last one, and still be popular with the public. The results also helped us establish which stores/companies are the most popular when it comes to selling our images to them.

Surveying The Public- 1/2

During a group discussion we thought it would be a good idea to get the publics perspective on our photo library and the images we would be selling. We thought it was important to see what they thought because we have talked about using our images on products that the public would potentially buy. The survey is also a good way to see what favourites people have, this will help us when it comes to generating new images each season.

I decided that I’d like to make the survey so I used google forms, which is what we used when we did the GuideDogsUK survey. Once the questionnaire was made I posted it on Facebook and I also emailed it to a number of university students at Ravensbourne to get them to fill it out and share it too. Within a few days we got a large number of responses which gave us a wide variety of answers.

The survey questions-

1. How old are you?
2. Do you prefer bright and colourful images or black and white?
3. Do you prefer simple or patterned products?
4. What are some of your favourite colours?
5. What are some of your favourite fruits?
6. Select some of your favourite vegetables
7. Do you always give to a specific charity?
8. What products do you most regularly buy?
9. Where do you mostly shop for these products?
10. Which of these designs, if any, would you prefer on your chosen products? (3 of our images)

Business To Business (B2B)

A few weeks ago we had a tutorial with Geraint and Tor, during our meeting we spoke a lot of selling our images to business and creating a business to business style photo library. We discussed how this would generate money for out photo library and we also spoke about changing our images each season to keep it fresh and updated to appeal to a wider variety of people/companies each season. We all really liked the suggestions they were giving us and we went away from this meeting discussing ideas and what to do next within our group.

Liam was keen to phone up some companies to get their perspective on our photo library service if we were to sell our images to them so he noted down a few companies he would call up and we also noted down some others that we could email to get some more information. Liam started off by calling IKEA and spoke to them for ages and managed to get a lot of information on how we could structure and sell our images to companies like IKEA.

This is what Liam found out from IKEA-

  • Bigger companies plan four to five years in advance
  • They have royalty controlled deals which grow over time
  • The pricing of the image always depends on what product they are putting their images onto.
  • For example, the pricing for the images for a small pillow would be different to the prices for the images for a larger pillow
  • These are always written in the small print on contracts

Now we have the information from a large company, we are going to contact a few smaller companies to see if their policies are much different, and we even thought about talking to Student Union at Ravensbourne to see how they’d go about using our images to sell on products to students.

The next stage of looking into the B2B side of our photo library is to draft up some contracts that people would sign when using FROODLE.