My Final Cover


After a lot of debating between my possible record covers, I have chosen this one for my final cover. The reason I chose this one is because its simple and bold. I like the composition of the image and positioning of her face within the 12×12 inch frame and I like how my preferred text fits around it. To me, this final image looks like a cover you would see on a shop shelf or online on Spotify. As the makeup was one of my favourite parts about the shoot I feel that this shot really shows off the bold blue and the sparkles within the glitter.

Creating The Album Artwork

Thinking of an artist and album name for my images wasn’t very hard. During the planning stages of my images I had a good idea of what I wanted to name them and why. The model that I used for my photoshoot was called Nina Jones, and from the beginning I have thought that her name makes a good artists name as it is. Its simple and has the sound to it that already exists in the charts. For the album name I would call it “The Self Titled Ablum”, this idea came from the inspiration I found in artsit Dua Lipa. Her album name is Dua Lipa- The Self Titled Ablum and I like the sound it has to it.

Here are some typography designs I have been trying out-

The different types I have been choosing between are ones that I feel go with the style of my album cover, and still stand out against the bold imagery.

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 15.15.21

Now I have been experimenting with different album covers and typography I feel more confident in knowing what one I am going to choose for my final hero shot. These are my favourite ones so I am going to carefully pick my favourite final cover out of these.

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 15.42.53


Retouching My Edits

I picked these four as my favourite shots from my photoshoot. Opened them up in photoshop to do some slight retouching to my models face. I made her skin tone less red, darkened her eyebrows and also made the whites of her eyes a bit brighter to make the eyes and makeup stand out more. Other than those few details, I left the images as they were. Now I have edited them and added the final touches, I am going to work on the album cover style itself with typography and some graphics.

Editing My Images

After taking my images, the next stage was to select my best/favourite shots and start editing them. I used Capture One to select my best images, I carefully went through my photos from both the red and blue makeup looks and marked the best ones with a yellow marker. After I had selected them, I made some slight adjustments using the brightness, contrast, highlights and shadows tools in Capture One.

Marking My Images-


My favourite images from the Red makeup look- 

My favourite images from the Blue makeup look-

I went through and selected these ones as my best/favourite as they were the ones with the sharpest detail and colour. They were the most in focus and well lit, and they were also the ones with the best composition in terms of the models positioning and posing. I will now use these ones for the post production. I am going to edit them further in photoshop to sort out some minor details with her skin tone, and slo add the typography on to my album cover.


The Shoot

I completed my Vinyl cover shoot on Friday and it went a lot better than I expected. I am more than happy with my images, it couldn’t have gone any better in my opinion.

I was second to shoot in my group, and Louis was before me. So as a group we all set up the lighting and backdrops for his shoot. We then helped direct his shoot to get him the images he wanted. Louis used the same backdrop and lighting that I wanted so after his shoot was done we left the set as it was. During Louis’ shoot, I popped out the room to get my MUA and model ready.

I photographed two different makeup looks in my shoot, one red based and one blue. I did this to give myself more variety to play with when it came to picking my final cover.

Out of the two looks I did, I prefer the blue makeup with the red coat.  I prefer the blue because of the contrasting colours between the blue and the red. I also feel the blue gives a more dramatic look with the fur coat. I am now going to go through my images and pick my favourite shots and slightly edit some for my cover shot. I don’t want to do much editing to them because I don’t think they need it.