As one part of the advertising photography unit we were set a project to create a ‘below the line campaign’ for the National Trust. Our final outcomes would consist of 4x posters and 1x brochure to advertise what the National Trust do/are about.

Lets start with the negatives, get those out the way first. First of all, I came across a bump in the road when I had to change my location. I was originally going to shoot my project in the Lake District but due to car troubles and being tight for money, I had to change it to the Peak District. Which at first I was gutted about as I loved the look of the cafes I had chosen but this problem was soon resolved. Secondly, I had issues with a form of portable flash that I took away with me for the photoshoots, to the point where it simply would not work. I tried everything I could think of to try and fix it, I even tested it beforehand. When it came to going away to shoot for this project, the flash was having none of it. Next, there was a slight issue with one of the cafes. Forget Me Not Coffee Shop in the town of Matlock. After contacting them in advance and checking online to see the best time to go, on the day I planned to go there, they had to close early due to staff issues, as I had got there. Meaning I only had the chance to quickly walk around and photograph the interior design and some of the displays. It was unfortunate I couldn’t capture any images of the food, drink or people to really show off this cafe.

Now onto a more positive note! The positives of my project were that I got eat and drink some lovely tea, coffee and breakfasts while shooting. I also got to visit a place I had never been before, and also visit the surrounding towns for the first time. I got to meet a lot of friendly people, some who want me to send images over for their own personal website and social media use. I managed to capture the images I had planned by sketching it out beforehand. And lastly, I feel I have improved at still life on location photography. I used my camera on Manual the whole time, so I learnt some new things with the settings and lighting and how it affected what my picture looked like.

I would love to do this project all over again, but this time use a flash. Whether it be portable flash kit, flash gun or just my camera flash. I would love to see the difference between using a flash and no flash.


Final Layout- Brochure

This particular set of images were the hardest to choose my final ones from. There were so many images that I took that I really liked, but could only choose 7 final images for the brochure layout.

I chose these 7 images as they were my favourite things about the place; the vintage tea pots, the table aesthetic, the food, the wall display, the cake, furniture and old fashioned kids toys. The images I chose show of the best assets that the tea room has to offer. These parts are what make it unique.

As a series I feel that my posters and brochure work well and they all show the unique assets each cafe/tea room has to offer.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 19.06.11Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 19.06.22Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 19.06.30

Shoot 5 Contact Sheet- Puckeridge

This is the last contact sheet for the final shoot that I carried out for this project. The last location I visited to take images for my brochure was ‘Something Lovely’ tea room in Puckeridge. This was my favourite location that I visited out of all five. It was so quirky, vintage looking and colourful! I loved it! Also, the coffee, tea and lunch I had there were really nice and again, cheaply priced. It was definitely worth the drive!

Final Layouts- Posters

These are the chosen images that I put into the layouts to create my final four posters. After going through my images I had a clear idea of which ones that I wanted to use as some stood out to me more than others. With picking which final images I wanted to use I had to make sure that I chose my images carefully to almost ‘sell’ the cafe to the people viewing my posters. As my aim was to advertise them to show the audience why the cafes are a good place to visit, I had to make sure the images that I chose really showed of the best assists of each location.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 17.20.36Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 17.21.34Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 17.21.53Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 17.22.08

Cafe Images- Edits





To edit my images I didn’t do much to them at all. I simple just changed the brightness, contrast and added some highlight and shadow to some of them. I wanted them to look as natural as possible and to not make it obvious they’d been edited. I feel like I did a good job at keeping the images looking natural, although they’re edited.

Now I have edited my poster images, I will go through each set for each cafe and choose which ones I am going to be using for the poster layouts.