As part of the advertising photography unit, the other project we were set was to create an above the line advertising campaign for a brand of our choice. Whatever image we chose as our final one, we had to make sure it fit in three types of billboard layout. A 48 sheet, a 96 sheet and a showcase square.

The negatives I had with this project was mainly down to models. I had my makeup artists sorted almost straight away, as to me that was the most important thing, was a good MUA for a beauty shoot. The models however, I had a few drop out on me and a few to not reply, so at one point I was stuck in a bit of a rutt. However, while I was stressing over models dropping out, I ended up with one extra model than how I had originally planned, one of them being model and celebrity, Chloe Jasmine Whichello.

The positives were that my whole team got on really well when it was the day of my shoot. Everyone turned up and on time, and they were all very conformable in front of the camera, making it easier for me when it came to directing them.

If I was to do this project again I would perhaps make on or two of the makeup looks slightly bolder with some glitter, or perhaps more coloured eyeshadow. Although, I was more than happy with the looks that were created, I think the eyes or lips on some of the models needed a bit more of an impact.  One other thing I would change if I was to do this project again would be to conduct a better test shoot to give myself visual idea of what I’d want it to look like.

Overall, I feel that I fit my brief well, and created a strong set of images with a strong final billboard campaign for Illamasqua. I kept the brand guidelines within my images, so the brand elements were still a key part of my campaign.

Final Image & Layout

I chose this as my final images as it show key elements of what Illamasqua are about as a brand. Illamasqua are open to anyone and everyone, whether you’re male, female, transgender, old or young. They very forward on people feeling comfortable in their own skin, and being who they want to be. This image show those aspects due to the ‘naked’ intimacy between the two female models, also with their androgynous style and bold makeup. I like how an image like this would cause such controversy and conversation about the two ‘girls being naked’ that it would constantly be on everyones mind, constantly reminding them of the makeup as well as the message. This is what Illamasqua currently do, they’re daring.

Final Chosen Image-

My Final Chosen Image In The Layout-

Testing The Layouts

After having edited my images and choosing my favourite ones, it was now time for me to put them into the 48 sheet, 96 sheet and showcase square layouts that the tutors had given us. Our final chosen image had to fit each of the three layouts without the text and picture getting in the way of each other too much. I think that I have managed to get my pictures to fit it pretty well, as you are still able to see all of/majority of the image and you can also still read the text.

Layout 1-

Emilie by herself, showing the boldest of the looks. Strong black winged eyeliner with a black and gold polka dot lip. The bold look catches your attention but it feels like there is something missing with having only one model in the frame. Also, I personally don’t think that the image works well in the 96 sheet layout.

Layout 2-

Image of Chloe by herself, this is one of my favourite images I have taken. I really like her facial expression, how she has her fingers running through her hair, the bright pink and green and also the angle that I took this image from, which was over the top of her. I tried rotating the image 90 degrees clockwise to see if it would look any better in the layout and it didn’t as it cut too much of her out of the frame. I love the contrast of the green eyelids and the pink eyebrows in this image. I personally really like this image but don’t think that the angle it sits at works well in the layouts.

Layout 3-

Emilie and Kiera, one with a bold black based look and the other with a slightly softer look with a bold red lip. This is another one of my favourite images, as it shows intimacy, being comfortable and bold makeup, which are three things that Illamasqua are about. I think this image works really well in the layouts, as you can still see both models in the frame, without the writing covering the image too much. Having two models in the image adds something to it and I really like the way its turned out. The only thing I would change about this picture is to try and get the text to be a bit bolder against the image. However, black is the best and only option I have due to having a white backdrop.

Layout 4-

Same two models and same makeup looks as before, just at a slightly different angle. I prefer this photo of Emilie, as she has her eyes closed you can see the full extent of the bold shape of her winged eyeliner. This really makes her stand out in the image against Kiera’s bright red lips and blonde cropped hair. Again, the hands on each other and only seeing naked skin, really shows intimacy and girls being comfortable with each other.

Layout 5-

Kiera and Chloe, the twin sisters of the shoot! I love this image due to the fact that they both have the same cropped hair, and the same bold, intriguing look on their faces. Again, I love the colours coming from both of their makeup looks, the green, pink, blue and red show up really nicely against their skin. I like how I composed the image of getting them to lean on one another. Comfortability, intimacy, androgynism and beauty are all strongly shown within this image, making it one of my favourites to choose for my final layout.

Further Editing/ Favourites

I had another look over my images from the shoot and the couples images of Emily & Kiera, and Kiera & Chloe together really started to stand out to me. I really like the intimacy and composition of these images and how the models worked really well together, I started to favour these images over some of the others. After going through these pictures, I decided to edit some to see how they would come out.

These images show aspects of what Illamasqua is about as a brand. Illamasqua are open to anyone and everyone, whether you’re male, female, transgender, old or young. They’re also very forward on people feeling comfortable in their own skin, and being who they want to be. These images show those aspects due to the ‘naked’ intimacy between the two female models, also with their androgynous style and bold makeup.

Now I have enough images edited, I am going to start experimenting with them in the layouts we have been given.

The Editing Process

As my shoot was based on beauty, when it came to the editing and retouching I knew that I was going to have to pay a lot of close attention to detail. With regards to skin tone, spots, lighting and colour. To start off practising on a few of my images, I used the ‘Surface Blur’ process in Photoshop which Chris showed me a few months ago when editing my Vinyl Cover task. Along with the surface blur I also used the spot healing tool, dodge tool, burn tool and also the sharpen tool. This created a really smooth look on the skin with no spots, bumps or red patches. The dodge and burn helped to even out the tones and the lighting on the skin and the sharpen tool bought out details within the eyebrows, eyelashes and hair. Editing my images this way gave a smooth, professional looking finish which I was very happy with.

Practising in Photoshop-

On my first few images I found that the lighting/highlight on the face, especially the cheeks and nose was a bit too orange, and too bring for the face. When looking at my pictures, this was all that I could focus on, was the bright highlight. After noticing this, I then toned it down a little bit when it came to editing more images, so it didn’t look so harsh on the face.

After toning down the highlight on the face, my images were coming out a lot better. After editing a few more I got more practise and I felt that my pictures were getting better and better. I am going to edit majority of my best pictures and then I will see which ones fit the layouts best.


Selecting My Best Pictures

Once I had looked through the images from my photoshoot, it was time to go through and select my best ones. To organise all my best pictures I opened up the Capture session and I marked the best images from each model with a different coloured mark. I had around 600 pictures in total, so the selection process was long but I enjoyed going through them all and seeing how they all came out.

Here are some of my best images-


My Final Billboard Shoot

My studio time slot for my billboard shoot was Friday 26th January, and I had the afternoon slot from 1:30pm – 4pm. Andre had the morning slot where I was assisting him during his shoot. I got to uni for around 8:45am as I was picking my equipment up early from the lockers I had left it in over night. Once I had my equipment I went to the studio and started helping Andre set up for his shoot. Andre’s shoot went very smoothly, his team turned up on time and he got the images that he wanted. His shoot was going on until 12:30, but as I had 4 models and 3 MUA’s for my shoot, I told them all to get to Ravensbourne early for 12pm. This ensured that there was enough time for them to all get ready to start doing my shoot at 1:30.

I went and collected my models and MUA’s from reception and signed them all in and set them up in room 212 to have all their makeup and hair done. Once they were there, I went back and helped Andre for the last part of his shoot. Once Andre was done, we changed the lighting and backdrop ready for my shoot, so all that was left to do was wait for the makeup to be finished. My shoot started on time at 1:30.

First of all I photographed the models individually, I did some headshot at different angles, with some different poses. I then got some of the models to be in pairs and photographed them together on the set. Again, with different angles and poses. Then, I changed it up again by using three models at a time, some of the shots being all three white models, and some shots being two white models and the black model. The last kind of photos I shot were group photos of all four models on the set together. I did it this way to ensure that I had a wide range of images to choose from, with all different models and compositions in each shot.

I used up my entire time slot from 1:30-4pm, constantly taking pictures and getting my assistant Andre to slightly change the lighting and to keep checking and telling me that my images were in focus when they showed up on my laptop screen. We worked well together and were both calm during both our shoots which was a nice environment to work in.

I was very pleased with how my images came out in the end, a lot better than I had originally planned. I captured all the types of images that I wanted and more. I was happy with the makeup, hair styling and the lighting set up.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 19.21.44

(some headshot from my shoot)

Estimate, Invoice & Costs

This is my invoice for my billboard advertising shoot for the brand Illamasqua. Within this invoice I have included costs for every piece of equipment I will be using, studio space, models, MUA’s, an assistant, post production and also my payment. I made lots of notes to try and work out the right costs for each item, and I also used different online websites to give me the average costs. To work out the equipment hire prices I used the flash centres price list PDF that they have on their website.


Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 18.03.44

After going through these costs that I had added up and creating a total, the total seemed a bit too cheap, so I had another look for prices, adjusted and adjusted them for my final invoice.

Final Invoice-

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 18.05.10

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 18.05.52


Updated Lighting Plan

As my shoot date is getting closer, I decided to look back over my lighting diagrams and equipment lists to figure out how I am going to want my studio set up on the day of my shoot.

From CLR, I have booked out a set of two RX3000 flash heads, two 1m x 1m soft boxes, backdrop stands, lighting stands, one ring flash, and I have also booked out the RX flash heads to fit the octalight. During my test shoot I used two soft boxes facing the backdrop and then I used the ring flash on the models. This gave me the bright lighting that I had in mind all along but I wanted to try and make it a bit easier for myself when it came to the day of my shoot. So I booked out the flash head to fit the octalight as well.

With these two set ups in mind, I drew out two lighting diagrams, one with the ring flash and one with the octalight behind the camera. I will try out both before my shoot commences to see which looks better. I will have two polyboards either side of me to keep the light in and reflect any light off of the white backdrop to make it seem a bright white.

Sketching & Planning

Now my shoot day is getting closer and it was likely that I was going to have four models, I decided to do some more sketches into the layouts to workout what poses and compositions would work best with my models so they could fit within the frames. I did some sketches in a previous post, and I am still going to refer to those but I am also going to refer to these new ones. As I couldn’t quite sketch out each pose I had in mind, I decided to only sketch a few out and put the rest into a list.

More drawings-



When it comes to the day of my shoot, I will have these notes and sketches in front of me, so I am not stuck for ideas while shooting. These will be so beneficial to my shoot as I know that with these I will be able to capture a number of poses and compositions in numerous different ways.