Easter Task- Famous Person

We were also given another task to do over the easter break, which was to photograph a famous person. They didn’t have to be a famous person as in a big name celebrity, but they could be someone who is famous to you, either in your small town, or if they had been in the news for anything etc.

The famous people I had in mind to photograph were a musician, a radio DJ and a celebrity make up artist. The musician was Lewis Bootle. Lewis started off his music career playing on the streets with his acoustic guitar, and slowly made his way up to performing in small pubs and bars, and is now having headline shows in Camden and playing at Glastonbury Festival later this year. He also won the BBC Introducing Award for “Best Unsigned Male” in 2015. My second famous person was a radio DJ for Capital Xtra named Simeon Riley. He hosts radio shows on a weekly basis on Capital Xtra and also DJ’s at clubs and pubs across London and Hertfordshire. The last famous people I had in mind to photograph were a couple, one a makeup artist and one a hairstylist for the brand Easilocks. They both have clients ranging from TV stars to local people and they’re always attending hair and makeup events with celebrities also attending.

The makeup artist and hairstylist were too busy to have any spare time for me to photograph them and the radio DJ’s producer wouldn’t allow me to photograph at the Capital Xtra studios. Luckily, Lewis Bootle, the musician, said I could photograph him. He was playing a gig in a small bar in Central London and he invited me along to that to photograph him. When taking my images I wanted to tell his story of how he started and how he got to where he is now. Once Lewis had finished performing the gig, we went outside with his guitar and he started playing on the streets, like he used to when he first started getting into music. People were walking past and putting money down and people even stopped to record him, it was a fun atmosphere to be in and to photograph.

About Lewis Bootle-

  • Spotify- Lewis Bootle
  • Instagram- @bootytunes
  • Facebook- Lew Boo
  • Website- http://www.lewisbootle.co.uk
  • Started off busking on the streets with his guitar
  • Moved up to playing small bars and pubs in Hertfordshire
  • Upgraded to playing in locations around London
  • Has 3 albums released on Spotify
  • Won BBC Introducing Award for “Best Unsigned Male” in 2015
  • Playing at Glastonbury Festival later this year

Here are my two images, 1x landscape and 1x portrait- 


Mixed Light Portrait- Task Two

Our task this week was to shoot two portraits using an Elinchrom Ranger Quadra portable flash kit and shoot one portrait in the day time and one at night. The images had to be of two different strangers that were not students, friends or family. I paired up with Emily for this task so she could assist me.

Before going out shooting I started to think of some locations that I could use to shoot where there would also be another light source available. I thought of a few locations around Ravensbourne including Scape Accommodation, The River, The O2 and the car park. Once I had thought about a few possible locations I created some lighting diagrams and I also filled out an equipment list to make sure I had everything I needed.

– Canon Camera DSLR
– Battery Charger for Camera
– Spare Batteries for Camera
– Spare SD Card
– QP cards
– Light Meter
– Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Portable Flash Kit
– Hot Shoe Adapter
– iPhone & Charger
– MacBook Pro & Charger
– Small Tripod

Once Emily and I had gone through each others initial plans we headed out shooting. As me and Emily both wanted to shoot around the Scape area we started there. I wanted to use this area as I could think of a few places that had additional light sources and nice backgrounds to use as well. As people we were walking past the area I wanted to photograph I stopped and asked them if they wouldn’t mind me taking their picture. Majority of the answers were no but one girl said yes. I got her to stand infant of the background and first of all hold a QP card as my test shot with the flash kit. Then I started to take a couple of images of her standing against the background underneath the additional light source.

QP Card Test


Final Shot

Focal Length- 39
F Number- 5
Exposure Programme- 2
Exposure Time- 1/60

Once the daytime portraits were done we had to wait for it to get dark so we could do our time time portraits. Once it eventually got dark I headed down to the river to see who I could find and who would be willing to be in my photographs. A couple were approaching me and I politely interrupted their conversation to ask if they wouldn’t mind helping me out and the male said he would. I got him to stand infant of the river view where there was an additional light source visible in the background and there was also light coming from the spotlights on the wall that were behind me, therefore showing on his face. Once I got him to do his QP card test shot I realised that the lighting was too bright on his face, so I altered the flash kit setting so there wasn’t so much white light over taking his face.

QP Card Test

Focal Length- 32
F Number- 5.6
Exposure Programme- 1
Exposure Time- 1/125

Final Shot

Altered Settings-
Focal Length- 24
F Number- 5.6
Exposure Programme- 1
Exposure Time- 1/80

This task being set has made me a lot more confident with using a portable flash kit and also a lot more confident when it comes to talking to people wanting to photograph them.

Mixed Lighting Portrait- Task One- Part Three

The last part of our task was to look in magazines, newspapers or books for photographers who use mixed lighting within their work. I decided to look in the RPS journal magazine as there is always a variety of photography styles and techniques in there.

The first image I found was in the January 2017 issue. It was taken by photographer David Yarrow. He took this image by bringing a live wolf into a bar and asking the manager if he can capture it walking along the bar. He captured this picture by putting meat around his neck and laying down on the bar to get the wolf to walk towards him. There is a clear light source in the image with the pub lights in the background and also another clear light source with some sort of flash being visible on the wolfs fur.


The second photographer I found in the same magazine issue was Graeme Weston. His photos are telling the story of the growing number of deaths of cyclists on the streets of London. His images include two light sources. These being the natural daylight and the line of light created by exposure and movement with a source of light. The exposures to create these images were between 20 and 30 seconds and the aperture was f/16 or f/22.


Mixed Lighting Portrait- Task One- Part Two

For the second part of our Mixed Lighting task we had to find three photographers who used mixed lighting in their work. To find photographers for this I looked on Pinterest, Google images and Art2Day.

Dita Pepe-
The first photographer I found is Dita Pepe. Dita is a Czech photographer known for her self-portrait staged photography. She takes photos of herself as part of other men’s, women’s and families’ lives. Majority of her photographs were taken in the Czech Republic, but also in Italy, Germany and South Africa. She is also a lecturer at the Institute of Creative Photography.


Peggy Bakker-
The second photographer I found is Peggy Bakker. Peggy Bakker is the woman behind Third World Bazaar- Ottawa’s original seasonal pop up shop. The Third World Bazaar runs for 8 weekends only, each Friday, Saturda,y and Sunday from Oct. 4 through Nov. 24 (it is also open on Thanksgiving Monday).

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 21.49.49.png

David Whellans-
The last photographer I came across was David Whellans. David Whellans is a photographer who has also shot for Ottawa Magazine. David shot for the magazine insert named “Boom!”


Mixed Lighting Portrait (Indoors)- Task One

This weeks task for Location Photography was to hire out an Elinchrom Ranger Quadra portable flash kit and take an indoor portrait of them in their environment. The person in the image couldn’t be a friend, relative or another student so therefore we had to approach strangers to take the image. When taking our mixed light portrait we had to make sure that there was another light source visible in the picture.

For this task I paired up with Emily and we shared the portable flash kit. We went into the O2 and a number of restaurants surrounding Ravensbourne to try and find someone to take a picture of. At first we didn’t have much luck as people either didn’t want their picture taken or were to busy to spare us some of their time. After a few hours of trying to find someone who would let me take a photograph of them, I decided to venture down towards Scape, and see what shops or buildings were round there. I spotted a small pub opposite Scape called The Pilot so I decided to try in there. I walked in with my camera and portable flash kit and spoke to the manager. The staff were very friendly and the manager was perfectly fine with me taking a few quick images while they were behind the bar. I quickly set up the flash kit and got Emily to hold it to the left of me, so the light was shining on the left hand side of the subjects face. I then did a QP card test and started to take some images of the manager at the bar. When taking them, I made sure that the spot lights above the bar were visible in the images. The settings for my images had a Focal Length of 25, the F Number was 5.6, the Exposure Time was 1/50 and the ISO was 3200.

Below is a lighting diagram of my chosen image —>


My chosen image —>


To edit my chosen image I used Capture One. I decided to use Capture One as I felt that this was the best software to make some slight adjustments to the lighting. When editing I slightly adjusted the highlights and shadows to reduce the whiteness of the lighting. I then decreased the exposure and increased the contrast while also adjusting the curves.