Retaking My Images

After having taken my images, edited them and put them into the layout, I wasn’t as happy with them as I first thought. They didn’t look as strong as I had hoped they would. I tried to get back on contact with Hudsons Barbers to see if I could go back and retake my images of them but they were very busy and couldn’t allow me to go back there. I phoned around a few other places I had in my planning notes but I didn’t have much luck with them.

One of my last options was Chauncy School. One of the best secondary schools in Hertfordshire. I contacted the Head Teacher, Dennis O’Sullivan and asked if I could do my photographs for my project there and he was more than happy to help me out.

This time around when taking my images, I will do QP card tests, I will have the flash kit on a higher setting so the flash is more visible and I will also take some wider shots to get more of the background/place of work in my images.

Experimenting With The Layout

Once my best images were chosen I started to play around with them in the InDesign layout given to us by Julian. I started to size them to fit the frames on the pages and to see which fitted on which page the best.

Layout 1-

Layout 2-

After playing around with these two layouts I have decided that I prefer the first layout. The images are stronger and I feel that they suit the layout better in terms of positioning and lighting.

Selecting My Favourites

These are the images I chose as my best ones from the shoot that I will use to experiment with the InDesign layout. I chose these ones as I like the composition of the images, the lighting and they will all work in the layout, depending on which page I put them on. Going by the sketches I have made while planning, the 1st and 4th images will work on the first layout page in the portrait shaped box and the 2nd and 3rd images will work in the slightly longer layout box with the page gutter running through it.

Editing My Best Images

Once I had made contact sheets of my BOSS images, I imported them all into Capture One to start editing them.

The first stage when editing my favourite images was to turn them into black and white and then I started adjusting the brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, curves and clarity. Once I had adjusted them to how I was happy, I exported them and then re-opened the files in Photoshop to carry on making a few extra adjustments to the blacks and whites of the images.

I am happy with how my images have turned out and how they look once they’ve been changed into black and white. I feel that the barbers I photographed has a slight vintage feel to it from the outside of the shop front and adding the black and white to them, makes the image as a whole.