Project Evaluation


  • Overcoming issues and retaking my images
  • Confident in editing
  • Images fit the layout sizes
  • Using the portable flash kit well/ learning more about it
  • Made me more confident to approach companies to take their photographs



  • Not starting my projects/taking photos earlier
  • Not using a flash meter
  • An accident causing my memory stick to snap, therefore losing all original BOSS images and QP card shots
  • More of a range of images (positioning of the person, direction of the flash etc)


Improvements I Would Make-

  • Start planning everything a lot earlier to therefore be taking images a lot earlier giving myself more time before hand in
  • Have more places in mind/ more back up options rather than just a select few
  • Back up my images onto numerous hard drives to ensure I have a lot of backups of my work
  • Be a bit more confident and not rush the shoots so much so I could take more photographs with a range of different poses, lighting directions and backgrounds

Final Layout Choice

This is my final choice of layout for the BOSS project. After selecting my best photos, editing the pictures and then going back and editing them more following Julian’s advice, I am happy with my final outcome which I will submit for hand in.

I am so glad that I retook my images for my BOSS project as if I had left it with the Hudsons Barbers images, my work and outcome would be a lot weaker. I feel that my Chauncy School images are a lot stronger in terms of the flash, the positioning and the editing of the images. Im also glad that these two images fit the page well, I didn’t have to crop too much out or scale them down too small to get them to fit.

More Editing and Refining

After a tutorial with Julian, he told me to go back and edit my images further. So when I got home, I put my images back into Capture One and then into Photoshop. In Capture One I edited the contrast and brightness a bit more and in Photoshop I used quick masks and gradients to add in some more lighting to enhance the portable flash.

I am a lot happier with my images now I have edited them more following Julian’s advice.

I am a lot happier with my images and think that they look a lot stronger now I have edited them further. The contrast is a lot stronger between the black and white tones and I feel that the layer masks really helped with enhancing the lighting.

Experimenting With The Layout

Once I had selected, edited and retouched my best images, I started to put them into the layout to see which images worked best together and on what page of the layout they worked best.

Layout 1-


Layout 2-

Out of the two layouts I prefer the first page of Layout 1, and the second page of Layout 2.  I like the first page of L1 because it shows the school sign in the background, you can see the flash on the subject and the other available light source (natural daylight) is visible with the sky in the background of the image. I prefer the second page of L2 for the same reasons, although my subject sits close to the page gutter, I think that the image still works with the layout as again, you can see the workplace, the flash and the natural light source of the sky in the background.

Choosing My Best Images

I chose these images as my best ones from the BOSS shoot as they had the best lighting and composition to fit in the layout. I will play around with these pictures when it comes to picking which ones I will put in my layout.

I personally feel that these images are a lot stronger than the photos I did at the Barbers. I think this because I used a higher setting on the flash kit, therefore the flash is more visible on my subject in my new sets of images. Also, the natural lighting helped give a good contrast within the black and white tones. Lastly, I prefer the positioning of my Boss in these images and the backgrounds that I had behind him. The positioning of him will fit the layout and the background gives a clear message of him being the headteacher of a school.

Editing My New Images

I used Capture One to edit my BOSS images. I felt this was the best editing programme to use to make the slight adjustments that I wanted.

I first of all turned my favourite pictures into black and white and then after that I adjusted the contrast, brightness, clarity and structure. I chose to slightly adjust these settings to get the best possible result of having the flash visible in my images.

Contact Sheet 2

When taking my new images at Chauncy School, I referred back to my previous sketches that I drew onto the layout. I knew that with these images it would be the same thing where on the first page it will be a portrait shot and the second page, the BOSS will be standing more to the centre/right side of the page due to the page gutter running through the left side of where the image will go. I kept this in mind when taking my images so I knew that they would fit when it came to putting them in the layout.

I am much happier with how these images came out. For one, the natural light outside was better therefore making my images a bit brighter. Also, I altered the flash kit settings to achieve the brightness I wanted when photographing my subject, and I also wasn’t as nervous this time around, so I was more confident to execute the photoshoot and get the images I wanted. I felt a lot better about using the flash kit this time around and also where to place it against my BOSS to get good images with sufficient flash lighting.

I am going to make the same editing adjustments to these images like I did with my previous ones, only slight adjustments so the editing isn’t very obvious.

Retaking My Images

After having taken my images, edited them and put them into the layout, I wasn’t as happy with them as I first thought. They didn’t look as strong as I had hoped they would. I tried to get back on contact with Hudsons Barbers to see if I could go back and retake my images of them but they were very busy and couldn’t allow me to go back there. I phoned around a few other places I had in my planning notes but I didn’t have much luck with them.

One of my last options was Chauncy School. One of the best secondary schools in Hertfordshire. I contacted the Head Teacher, Dennis O’Sullivan and asked if I could do my photographs for my project there and he was more than happy to help me out.

This time around when taking my images, I will do QP card tests, I will have the flash kit on a higher setting so the flash is more visible and I will also take some wider shots to get more of the background/place of work in my images.