Project Evaluation


  • Happy with my images from the brewery, glad that I took longer to go round more of the work site to get as many pictures as I could
  • Gaining confidence with talking to people and arranging photo shoots on location
  • Getting a better understanding of the portable flash kit
  • Getting more practise with creating estimates and invoices for a job



  • Not starting my planning/photo taking earlier
  • Not using a flash meter
  • An accident causing my memory stick to snap, therefore losing my original Boardroom images and QP card test frames
  • Wish I had spent a bit more time at McMullens to get a few more images
  • Not backing up my images more



  • Start planning a lot earlier in advance to then give myself more time to take images and get everything ready for hand in
  • I should’ve gone to more than one place to capture my Boardroom images
  • Have numerous back up copies of my images and edits to prevent possibly losing work in the future
  • Experiment with the flash kit more. For example, have it in different positions and on different brightness settings to give myself a few more images to select and edit

Putting Them In The Layout

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 16.03.33

Placing my images into the InDesign layout was relatively easy as I has finely selected two that would fit the boxes quite well in terms of the positioning of the two business executives and the additional light sources.

In both images there is a clear story of what they do told by the background of their work place, both images show the other additional light sources in the rooms, the two people in the images don’t interfere with the page gutter or boarders and the text also fits around the people in the picture and also shows up well against it in white.

I am very happy with how my final layout looks and I am happy with the images I have taken and edited. I feel that I captured what I wanted and what fits the brief well.

Editing My Images

To edit my images I first imported them into Capture One and created a session for all of my Boardroom images. To start off my editing process I used the Capture One settings to adjust the brightness for the portable flash kit, to make sure that my images were not too over exposed. I then adjusted the contrast to correct the colours and to make them stand out more against the flash from the portable flash kit. I then went on to slightly adjust the clarity, highlights and shadows to make facial details and background details stand out a bit more.

After I had edited them in Capture One I then opened them in Photoshop and used the quick layer masks and levels to create some more precise direction within the flash lighting.

Once I was happy with my images I saved them and then started to put them into the layout.

My Best Shots For The Layout

From my photoshoot at McMullens Brewery, these were the best two images that will work best to fit the layout. After going by my sketches and planning, these two will work best in the layout to fit the box frames and tell the story of what they do/ where they work.

Now I have selected the ones I want to use in the layout I am going to edit them in Capture One to get the best possible adjustments to my images and I may also use photoshop to make a few extra adjustments to the lighting, contrast and clarity.

Photo Planning Sketches

  • Numerous shots in each part of the brewery- resident pub, alcohol machine room, barrel room and executives office
  • Portrait and landscape shots to fit the different sized boxes on the layout
  • Show the additional light sources inside the building
  • Range of poses and positions of the two business people
  • Tell their story/ what they do through the background of the image
  • Position flash kit so it doesn’t show glare on windows and machinery

Location Recce

Before doing my photoshoot I did a few location recce shots on my phone to see what space I had to work with and where the other available light sources were in the room. The recce shots were taken in the resident pub and the offices of the McMullen executives. They gave me a better idea of what I wanted to shoot and what I wanted my images to look like. It also gave me ideas of where I wanted the people to stand and where I wanted to flash kit to go.

From these recce shots I will draw up some diagrams on the InDesign layout to make sure I get the shots that I want.

Further Planning

After phoning around the places I had in mind to execute my Boardroom shoot McMullens Brewery got back to me and said I could photograph there. I was excited that they had said yes to me as there are numerous locations around the Brewery site to take photographs.

I didn’t have much luck with other places and it took a few phone calls and emails to arrange the shoot with McMullens, but in the end, Doug McDonald, the Marketing Executive had managed to get hold of Fergus McMullen and arrange some time for me to photograph him around the site.

Now having my shoot planned, I made an equipment list and created some lighting diagrams to help me on my shoot.