Project Evaluation

This project has been very enjoyable, although being stressful at the same time, it’s definitely had its high and low points. Throughout the project I have been reflecting on my performance, work and time management and have been evaluating myself along the way.  Overall I am happy with how my final magazine has turned out, I had an idea along the way of what I wanted it to look like and I have achieved what I wanted to and more by the end of this project. I wanted to create a bright, fun reading fanzine that people would enjoy reading and looking through.



  • My images coming out how I wanted them to
  • The images fitting well together in the layout
  • Practising more with still life photography
  • Completing everything on time
  • Sticking to my schedule
  • Knowing where I could improve along the way
  • Being happy with my finished fanzine


  • Not doing QP card tests
  • Having some technical difficulties with exporting and saving images
  • Taking 3 attempts at printing my magazine before getting it right
  • Not familiarising myself with InDesign enough before creating my layout


  • Give myself more than 2 weeks to get my magazine printed before hand in
  • Familirise myself with InDesign more and know what all the technical parts to it mean
  • Double check my layout and image quality before submitting it to print
  • Remember to take QP card test pictures and/or use a light metre
  • Not change my idea so late to give myself more time to do everything on time


Problems With Printing

For my Fanzine project I had a goal of getting my pictures and magazine finished to be printed two weeks (20th February) before the deadline (6th March) as I felt that this gave me plenty of time to get it printed and then get it fixed if it needed to be. I put my Fanzine in to be printed at the printing shop on Tuesday 21st February, I had planned for the Monday but choosing my final layout was a lot harder than I thought. After I put it in to be printed I got a phone call on the Thursday say it was ready to be picked up, however I couldn’t pick it up until the next day.

Once I had my magazine back I was more than pleased with it as the images came out looking how I wanted them too and the magazine had a nice finish to it, however, it had been printed with a white boarder around the covers and the pages. I didn’t mind the look of the boarders around my pages and thought that it fit quite well with the magazine until I had a tutorial meeting with Julian and he said to Olivia “that having boarders won’t count as bleeds, which we are being marked on by the brief criteria”. My instant reaction was to panic as time was running out and my magazine had been printed with boarders, meaning that I would probably be marked down for technically not including any bleeds. Later that day, I phoned the printing shop to explain that there had been a printing error and that I would need it reprinted but without a white boarder this time, and they said to me that I needed to add a bleed to it, which I had already done when creating the layout. I checked my layout and the 3mm bleed was there so I just re-exported it and sent it to the printing shop again to be printed ASAP for hand in day.

The job was finished the next day, and so I went to pick it up on the Friday, I saw that there was no white boarder around it so I paid for the copy and went home. I got home and was looking through it and realised that the inside pages had been printed bad quality and my images had come out all pixelated. Now I was starting to panic as I only had the weekend to sort this out before hand in on Monday.

I rang the printing shop up again on the Friday and said that it had been printed blurry and bad quality and that I needed another one printed with no white boarder and at a better quality ASAP. I explained that it was for a university project due on Monday and they said that they will get it done for me as soon as possible. While waiting for the phone call to say it was done I received an email to say that the printing job had been completed however the finishing part couldn’t be done due to a technical error at the shop and them not being able to finish it off for me. So, again I rang up the printing shop and got them to explain what had happened and what I could do to get my printed pages finished and they suggested that I buy a long arm stapler and finish it myself. This was now the only option left as it was due for hand in in three days. So, I went down to the shop to pick up my pages and I purchased a long armed stapler in the shop, took it home and finished my magazines myself, which I think I did a pretty good job at, having not done it before.

I thought that giving myself two weeks prior to hand in day would have been plenty of time but I have realised that I needed to give myself a bit more time just to be safe.


Project Evaluation

Completing my MONO project was a lot easier than I originally thought. The process was a lot simpler than what I thought and I completed it a lot earlier than I anticipated. I am pleased with my final outcomes and feel that I met the brief criteria well.



  • Finding a partner i got along with and worked well with
  • Being organised and having our team sorted long before shoot day
  • Quickly finding a replacement model
  • Having the equipment we needed booked out and in the staff room the day before the shoot
  • Working well and helping each other to shoot our images
  • Finishing our photoshoot within the time frame


  • Model cancelling on us
  • Setting up equipment took a little bit longer than we wanted
  • One model was slightly late to the shoot
  • Not having a spare SD card
  • Not having enough back up models


  • If I was to have to do this task again I wouldn’t improve much as I felt that it went pretty well, apart from the model cancelling on us the day before the shoot so therefore I would have more back up models booked next time.
  • I would make myself a little bit more familiar with the equipment so I could set it up a bit quicker than what I did.

Adding The Template

Here are my final four images with the MONO magazine template over the top of them. As I had a wide range of images and shots I didn’t find it very difficult to find photos that fit the template. We had to make sure that our images didn’t overlap with any of the headings, which I only slightly struggled with on the full body image, but I managed to sort it.

My final 4 covers-









Choosing My Final 4 Images

When choosing my final four images to use as my magazine covers, I referred back to the brief to double check the marking criteria. When checking the brief I remembered that we had to have a range of shots from full body, portrait through to close up. This helped me to choose my final images as I knew what ones would look best.

Here are my final 4-







Fanzine Layout- InDesign to PDF

  • The PDF version of my Fanzine layout
  • Magazine title- P ! N K
  • 24 pages

I wanted to create a very fun and bright Fanzine that you can enjoying looking through. For my headlines for the text pages I came up with ‘puns’ that fit with the images on the pages or facing pages. Overall I am happy with my layout and how the images work well together in the layout I have created.

Front Cover
Pages 1-2 Double Page Bleed With Text Over The Top Of The Image
Pages 3-4 2x Single Page Bleeds
Pages 5-6 Text Page + Single Page Bleed
Pages 7-8 Text Page With Image + Single Page Bleed
Pages 9-10 2x Single Images With Boarders



Pages 11-12 Text Page + Single Page Bleed

Pages 13-14 Double Page Bleed
Pages 15-16 Text Page + Single Page Bleed
Pages 17-18 2x Single Images With Boarders
Pages 19-20 Double Page Bleed With Text Over The Top Of The Image
Pages 21-22 Half Page Bleed With Text Over The Top And On The Page + Single Page Bleed With Text Over The Top Of The Image
Back Cover

Photoshoot- Sweets

to me, sweets and food make photos look fun and bright so for this photoshoot I bought pink sweets and food such as LoveHeart sweets, Teeth&Lips, Strawberry Fruitellas and Pink Iced donuts. With these images I wanted to experiment with macro shots, far away shots and the lighting and how it worked with the colours.


I chose these pictures as my strongest ones from the contact sheets-

From these images I narrowed them down further to my favourites and edited them using Lightroom-

These images will work good as a series on one page and also as single and double page bleeds. Ian unsure if text over the top of these pictures will work as there is already a lot going on in my images with the arrangement of the sweets and the bright colours.

Photoshoot- Flowers

Due to the time of year and it coming up to Spring, its the time of year where you start to see a lot of bright coloured flowers and leaves come about. I wanted to photograph flowers and leaves to stick with the season coming up to spring and I also wanted to experiment with macro again to capture the fine details of the plants and flowers. I bought a bunch of majority pink flowers that also included white, yellow and purple flowers in it with vibrant green leaves and I also bought a fake pink plant to photograph too.


The best images from these contact sheets were-

Out of these images I selected these ones to edit in Lightroom-

I will use these images for single page bleeds, double page bleeds and put some text over the top of some of them.


Photoshoot- Cream On The Body

From previous projects I have done through A level working with cream on the body I wanted to use this style of photography again as I feel it gives an abstract art feel to images, I also like the idea of distorting the body shape using liquids. For these photos I mixed thick cream with pink food colouring and used hands and arms to pour it on.


Out of the contacts sheet I narrowed it down to these images as my best ones-

I decided to not edit any of these images as I wasn’t happy with how they came out and didn’t want to include them in my Fanzine.