Project Evaluation


  • Overcoming issues and retaking my images
  • Confident in editing
  • Images fit the layout sizes
  • Using the portable flash kit well/ learning more about it
  • Made me more confident to approach companies to take their photographs



  • Not starting my projects/taking photos earlier
  • Not using a flash meter
  • An accident causing my memory stick to snap, therefore losing all original BOSS images and QP card shots
  • More of a range of images (positioning of the person, direction of the flash etc)


Improvements I Would Make-

  • Start planning everything a lot earlier to therefore be taking images a lot earlier giving myself more time before hand in
  • Have more places in mind/ more back up options rather than just a select few
  • Back up my images onto numerous hard drives to ensure I have a lot of backups of my work
  • Be a bit more confident and not rush the shoots so much so I could take more photographs with a range of different poses, lighting directions and backgrounds

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