Contact Sheet 2

When taking my new images at Chauncy School, I referred back to my previous sketches that I drew onto the layout. I knew that with these images it would be the same thing where on the first page it will be a portrait shot and the second page, the BOSS will be standing more to the centre/right side of the page due to the page gutter running through the left side of where the image will go. I kept this in mind when taking my images so I knew that they would fit when it came to putting them in the layout.

I am much happier with how these images came out. For one, the natural light outside was better therefore making my images a bit brighter. Also, I altered the flash kit settings to achieve the brightness I wanted when photographing my subject, and I also wasn’t as nervous this time around, so I was more confident to execute the photoshoot and get the images I wanted. I felt a lot better about using the flash kit this time around and also where to place it against my BOSS to get good images with sufficient flash lighting.

I am going to make the same editing adjustments to these images like I did with my previous ones, only slight adjustments so the editing isn’t very obvious.

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